Professional Coaching for Executives and Leaders

As an experienced business coach, I offer you all the coaching services you need as a leader in a company today, regardless of whether you are the CEO of a company, a department or division manager.

With over 20 years of experience as an executive, I know the challenges of leaders in organizations. With all of my clients, I immediately know what you are talking about with every issue. I understand your business language and can immerse myself in your areas of responsibility extremely quickly. This saves you time, because we can get into problem-solving very quickly without much fuss.

Learn how to strengthen the motivation of your employees to increase productivity and allow your organisation to achieve higher levels of output.

Understand how you can optimize your time management to have more time for important and strategic tasks and optimize your work-load.

Define the vision and mission of your enterprise and communicate it in a motivating and inspiring way for your employees.

Help your team to collaborate to maximize everyoneÔÇÖs strengths, increasing engagement and productivity while minimizing conflict.

Learn how to apply the situational leadership style to intrinsically motivate all of your employees to perform at their best.

Learn the most important rules for professional leaders on how to delegate tasks to your employees in a professional and motivating manner.

Use my checklist to make your meetings effective and efficient. Thus, you will get better results and save your valuable time simultaneously.

I will show you ways and methods how to recognize hidden conflicts and resolve them in time so that your team can perform better again.

Learn how to conduct employee reviews in an effective, motivating and time-saving way.

I accompany you to find your purpose and take action to create a business career that you love.

Get your dream job faster. Shorten the lengthy application process with targeted application coaching.

Reconciling your ambition and your personal life is possible! As your coach I show you to achieve a life balance .

My accompanying executive coaching will also turn you into an authentic and sovereign leader.

I invite you to improve your charisma by activating the learnable elements through focused exercises and methods.


Clemens Baumgartner
DCV qualified coach

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Take advantage of my many years of experience in international business as:

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