You are an executive, business leader, entrepreneur, head of section or manager around Munich and you are looking for English speaking coach, I offer you all the coaching services you need as a leader in a company today.

I am an experienced business coach with over 20 years of experience as an executive. I know the challenges of leaders in organizations. With all of my clients, I immediately know what you are talking about with every issue. I understand your business language and can get into your areas of responsibility extremely quickly. This saves you time and allows you to hit the ground running after each coaching session with an action plan specific to you. And by the way, as a German I help you to better understand German business mentality and mind set of local emplyoees.

Your advantage of my coaching

  • Together we develop solutions for your individual leadership challenges
  • Role play difficult leadership situations with me as a sparring partner
  • You learn the most important leadership skills
  • I show you how to motivate your employees
  • You will benefit from perfect time management
  • I will make you a great leader
  • Benefit from my honest & appreciative feedback

Benefit from my experience

20 years as a leader

  • Head of division for managers and project managers
  • Manager for the set-up of a branch office in the US
  • Head of department for experts and engineers
  • Teamlead for global project teams

10 years as business coach and trainer

  • Coach for leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Coach for experts and professionals
  • Trainer for team development
  • Business moderator


Clemens Baumgartner
DCV certified coach

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Take advantage of my many years of experience in international business as:

  • Coach,
  • Leader,
  • Trainer,
  • Business moderator,
  • Engineer.

Build up leadership skills

Through my coaching you will find solutions to your questions:

  • How do you motivate your employees?
  • How do you optimize your time management?
  • How do you convey the vision & mission in a credible way?
  • How do you assign roles & responsibilities in the team?
  • How do you delegate with the appropriate leadership style?
  • How do you set priorities?
  • How do you lead meetings efficiently and effectively?
  • How do you facilitate conflicts in a respectful way?

Successful Leadership

With my coaching you will become a leader,

  • who convinces through sovereignty and authenticity
  • who makes realistic decisions quickly and comprehensibly
  • who creates a productive working atmosphere with emotional intelligence
  • who inspires and enthuses all employees
  • who radiates trust and thus wins the loyalty of her/his employees
  • who is a role model for initiative & creative problem solving
  • who enjoys balance and a good life balance

Team development – team building

With my customized team development activities you will:

  • improve the team spirit, cooperation and performance
  • communicate your company goals in an understandable way
  • improve communication within the team
  • ensure a good working atmosphere for your team
  • clearly define roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • deploy your employees according to their strengths
  • optimize workflows and processes in the team
  • make teamwork efficient and effective
  • give your employees motivating goals
  • integrate new members well into the team